Crown Your Journey Hair Pin


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    24 carat gold plated bronze hairpin.

    From the PSYCHE Collection.

    This is the Crown. The Crown that recognises the journey. 

    Psyche is within us, deep Soul is inside of us, in an ancient conversation with the sisters of expectation and and obligation. 

    Psyche isn't satisfied by the displays of security, castles of wealth, future plans, and status with no freedom won't feed this hunger. 

    Psyche is the nomad within us- owned by nobody and tied to nothing; weaving a path through poetry, music, the joyous union of presence and the unknown. She is nobody's Darling.

    Psyche is the hunger of an accomplished artist with the innocence of a child- she is the root and fruition of all longing. 

    Psyche is your native heart, your deep knowing, the courageous spirit who seeks beyond the horizons of what we're told to be. 

    Psyche comes forth when we quieten ideas of our proper, polished ways. She perks to attention when the poignance of human expression and vulnerability fill the space, when we act from instinct we meet her sensual arena.

    Psyche has infinite lives, and will come back from every death. Fear not, there's no place you cannot find her, though find her we must.

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