Hidden Voice of Medusa Pendant


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  • Story

    22 karat gold plated recycled silver pendant. Supplied on a delicate 18 inch curb chain.

    From the most ancient to the most recent expressions, women are still characterised as mothers, maidens or monsters; and in each case they are idolized, damaged, or destroyed by the ruling influence of patriarchal power. Thus, The Myth of Medusa has been caged into a neat little tale that condemns women for their beauty, their sensuous intelligence, and silences them in the face of their power being expressed in the world.

    Medusa, a beautiful young maiden, worshipping at the Temple of Athena, is sexually assaulted by Neptune. As a punishment for desecrating the holy space, Medusa is turned into a monster of spewing serpentine hair, whose gaze turns men to stone. It is the Goddess Minerva, a Virgin Queen, who wields this fate.