Luster Hair Oil


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    This powerful, luxurious hair oil uses Ayurvedic wisdom to bring nourishment to tresses. This supervitamin for hair, will also nourish the mind, crown chakra. Bhringrai, Amla Fruit, and Brahmi Oil have been used in India for centuries to create strong, healthy, vibrant hair growth. Jojoba hydrates the hair strands inside out, while pomegranate, moringa oils stimulate the hair follicles and feed hair shafts. Jasmine oil is an uplifting aphrodisiac used in India and Persia for centuries to scent the hair. Like the night blooming vine it grows on, it blossoms under the moon and illuminates our senses. Champa flower is known in India as the Flower of Paradise, it brings joy to those who wear it. 
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