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    Gentle, for every body.

    A nourishing blend of oils that aid in the restoration + rejuvenation of the skin at a cellular level. The pure ingredients of We Are Tutti Body Oil are equipped with nutrients that deeply cleanse, hydrate + balance the skin, while promoting a state of natural equilibrium for the whole body. Suitable to those prone to dryness +/or blemishes. Calms + soothes irritated + inflamed skin.

    application Apply a few drops or more to clean skin (a little bit goes a long way). Use daily.

    Scented option- Organic lavender, Organic geranium, Organic chamomile essential oils.

    100% Organic Ingredients, nontoxic, cruelty free.


    Hemp seed oil Anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties help in treating eczema, dermatitis + psoriasis.

    Sweet almond oil Keeps your skin cells healthy. Protects your skin from UV radiation damage, helps your skin look smooth, soft + free of fine lines.

    Jojoba oil Balances out oil production, helps cleanse the skin.

    Avocado oil Softens the skin + protects it from moisture loss + dehydration. Promotes collagen production. Minimises inflammation and can calm dry, itchy skin.

    Acai oil Potent antioxidant properties which help slow signs of aging + defends skin from free radical damage. Effectively known to restore the skin's elasticity.

    Lavender essential oil Antiseptic properties that stimulate the immune system + help promote healing.

    Geranium essential oil Antibacterial and anti fungal properties to help calm stressed skin + emotionally uplifting.

    Chamomile essential oil Calms + reduces irritation. Soothing abilities that reduce tension and stress.
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