Stay Necklace


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  • Story

    Stay is a hand forged snake on a knotted 22" gold filled chain, resting at 20" on neck. "Everything stays, right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly. In little ways. When everything stays"  (from Adventure Time, Vol. 3 written by: Rebecca Rea Sugar).

    Having been a  jeweler & designer for over 12 years, Melissa de la Fuente creates each piece from start to finish; with emphasis on beauty, longevity, wearability, and significance. She believes that jewelry is a personal form of self-expression and has heard from customers over and over about the personal victories, challenges, and moments that her jewelry has embodied for them. They hold them close, as intended, and take private strength and courage from the piece and what it signifies.