Trickster Teachers - Dandelion


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    Get your kicks by doing, doing, doing? Hard to stop, right? It gets exhausting. When our worth is tied up in how many things we can check off our to-do list, we forget to come home to our basic goodness. We forget to check in with the natural limits of our body, to get satisfaction from the simple pleasures of taking care of ourselves. Dandelion helps a soul do more with less. Dandelion helps us reframe our limitations, balancing doing with simply being.

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    To work with these Trickster Teachers, drop a few drops on your palm, rub between your hands and hold up to your face. Breathe in. Trickster Teachers have no scent and no flavor. We invite you to inhale their essence.


    Distilled water Spirit medicine of Dandelion(Taraxacum officinale)^, (Dandelion^ and High proof spirits*) * Organic ^ Sustainably & Ethically Harvested

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