Luminescent Scarab Beetle Charm


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  • Story

    Scarab Beetles are a symbol of renewal and rebirth, dating back to Ancient Egypt.

    This particular scarab, a part of our new Luminescent Collection, is hand carved by Bailinese master carvers from milky clear chalcedony which is expertly joined to a thin layer of hand carved abalone, which has complex layers of patterns and colors in it’s nacre. This combination creates a bio-luminescent effect, where the scarab appears to glow from within.

    Each Scarab is completely unique and which changes when viewed from different angles.

    Our scarabs are then hand set into a 14K yellow gold and diamond frame in New York City, where the pieces take their final form and come to life.

    Dimensions: 20mm L x 15mm W x 10mm H

    Gold “Clip” closure opens and closes to easily attach to any chain.

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