MAGENTA Vibrational Color + Gemstone Mist


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    Sunlight is composed of energies transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves or vibrational energies most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye, those which are visible on the spectrum are the colors we see from red to violet and beyond that are the infrared and ultraviolet. Our eyes are the mirror to our emotional and physical well being and are an extension of our brain which reflects our moods, emotions and visions of the world.

    This mist is to be used in assistance of visual color healing and meditation. The labels are made as a visual guide to help assist in bringing the color in though the eyes, and to help with color breathing, light therapy, working with the chakras or crystal healing. To emphasize this color you can, eat foods that are magenta, bathing in this color, drinking solar charged water from a colored bottle or filter, wearing tinted glasses or clothing, gemstones, candles, make a color altar, eye mask, pillowcase or meditate while staring at this color.

    MAGENTA enhance our natural magnetism and attractiveness. It helps soothe our emotions and keep them balanced. It is said to help level our blood pressure and is a very balancing color similar to green which is its compliment. It stimulates the adrenals, kidneys and heart and circulatory system. Magenta is driven, and non-conforming, as it speeds up our desires and attractive powers. It aligns the mind and body and helps us towards pursuit of our goals and chosen path. It represents our superconsciousness and deep inner knowing. This is the ultimate free spirited, self-love color!

    SELENITE GEM ESSENCE: Selenite is also linked to our soul star chakra which is typically magenta. It helps activated our third eye and communication with our higher self and guides. Selenite has the power to clear our auric field and energy so that we do not stand in our own way. Enhancing our ability to move forward on our path with vigor and confidence. Connecting us to our true spirit and divine direction.

    Ingredients: Distilled grain alcohol, water, dragonfruit, red cabbage, selenite gem essence, & various essential oils.

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