Reverence Aura Cleansing Mist


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    Wonderful aura cleansing mist by Aychele Hill of Brazil, a feminine empowerment leader, a mother and so much more. Bringing her magic through her offerings and her cleansing mists! 

    DIVINE FOREST - Designed to uplift your mood while cleansing, strengthening and protecting your auric fields.

    White Sage and White Cedar are plants traditionally employed by indigenous people to clear out dense energies and replace them with healthy and joyful vibrations. Those scents induce meditative states that support holistic healing and inner peace.

    In addition to White Sage and White Cedar, DIVINE FOREST brings together essences of various conifers, resins, herbs and flowers that blossom in a delightfully fresh bouquet.

    DIVINE HEART - Palo Santo and Cacao bring their earthy notes into this blend, producing a warm, sweet and ecstatic wave of bliss that ensures a heart opening experience.

    The heart has the largest electromagnetic field of all of our organs, extending beyond our physical bodies, being able to sense the invisible threads between emotions, places and people.

    This blend is a powerful ally to help you drop into your heart and to become present to the infinite love that can be accessed at any moment.

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