Toner Mist


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    Hydrating, refreshing, healing ROSE TONER prepares and soothes dry skin
    Delivers glowing, plump and deeply softened skin
    Certified organic Rose water from heirloom Rosa Damascena Roses in Bulgaria

    Fine mist locking spray pump disperses a wide atomized cloud of rose moisture to the face

    It is pure organic Rose water that delivers a deep soothing dose of hydration and helps remove dead cells off the surface of the skin. The result: glowing, plump and deeply softened skin ready to be sealed in by our nourishing Sacred Serum.

    RITUEL Beauty has sourced one of a handful of Bulgarian Rose producers which have rose fields that are certified organic and we exclusively work with this single producer. We bottle our organic Rose Water in a Miron Glass bottle, made in Germany, that protects and preserves the organic Rose Water to retain its scent and healing properties.


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