Sapphire & Six Diamonds Ring


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    Celine Daoust 14K light yellow gold ring with one central sapphire and six diamonds. The stone is a gradient of dark and light blue.

    Each gemstone was hand-selected by Celine during her travels abroad. What we love about these stones is the story they tell by their shapes, colors, and small inclusions, which are an essential element to their nature. Every imperfection is celebrated, making your sparkling companion as unique as it gets.

    Sapphire is the stone of divinity and celestial faith. It is both a stone of wisdom and prosperity and promotes abundance. Though commonly known for its deep blue hue, sapphires exist in a wide variety of colors.

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    . Unique piece
    . Solid gold 14K — 585/1000
    . Stone is approx. 0.3 x 0.3 cm wide

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