Serpent Sacred Symbol Tablet


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    14K Solid Gold

    Hand Carved Abalone and Mother of Pearl

    Measurements in Inches: 1.25” x .75”

    Measurements in Millimeters: 35mm x 20mm

    Our Tarot Cards and Sacred Symbols are individually hand carved by real people, which means that each tablet is one of a kind. There are natural variations in the colors of the shell as well as the variation by the hand of the artist. The piece you receive will be made out of the materials shown, but may have different color hues and patterns.

    The Tablets are then hand set by a master setter in New York City in a high polish 14K Yellow Gold basket, which displays an evil eye, a symbol of protection, so the pendant is completely reversible.

    The Serpent:

    Guardian of sacred spaces, the serpent is found at the entrance to many ancient holy sites. As snakes shed their skins they are also symbols of rebirth, immortality, transformation, and healing.

    This design is copyrighted

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