Shaman Pendant


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  • Story

    The messy spiritual cleansing of the negative. This small little neck token is offered up as a symbol of spiritual purification. Your own tiny shaman reminding you the ritualistic purge can be a beautiful thing. 

    - 14k 

    - 18'' 1.1mm cable chain

    - FG-VS diamonds 

    - Shaman face measures 11mm in dia. x 1.1mm thick 

    - Diamond drop piece measures 9mm x 2.6mm x 1.4mm 

    - Length from top of pendant to bottom is 24.5mm ( roughly 1'')

    - Hand engraved detail on flip side of diamond setting 

    DMD Metal provides a perspective in jewelry that takes notes from antiquity and re-imagines it with a modern consciousness.
    Elements of cherished heirlooms are brought into a new light as he draws from a diverse background in sculpture, design and graffiti art. 
    This creative filter creates an ever growing visual lexicon that empowers each new piece.